Python CLI script

Relased script and tree visualization
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PeopleAsked first release

Added Google Search suggestions and Quora


New features

Reddit, YouTube, Amazon, API and bulk research

Our journey

Founded in June 2019 by Alessio Nittoli, PeopleAsked began as a simple Python CLI script designed to harness the power of Google's "People Also Ask" data.

Our mission is clear: to shift the focus from traditional keyword-centric SEO strategies to a more human-centered approach. By concentrating on the real questions, concerns, and hesitations of users, we've reshaped the way digital optimization is approached, offering a fresh perspective on building a compelling online presence.

What Sets Us Apart

From its inception, PeopleAsked has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of digital marketers and content creators. Recognizing that "People Also Ask" data covers only a fraction of what users are curious about, we've expanded our sources to include Google Search suggestions, Quora questions, and Reddit threads.

Our tool doesn't just aggregate data; it provides unique insights by combining diverse sources to give you a comprehensive understanding of user intent.

Technology and Innovation

Our tool is built on a foundation of advanced technology and innovation. Starting from a humble Python script, PeopleAsked has grown into a robust platform that integrates multiple data streams to offer unprecedented content insights.

This integration allows our users to tap into a wide range of user-generated content, transforming scattered data into actionable strategies.

Original script appeared on:
Search Engine Journal
MarTech society

Some thoughts from who tested the original script

Looking Ahead

The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so are we. PeopleAsked is committed to continuous improvement and innovation.

We're always exploring new data sources and refining our algorithms to ensure you have the most accurate and relevant information to drive your website's content strategy.

Alessio Nittoli